Skipper, the pioneer of the model Domino Automatic


With Skipper, the transport of goods or heavy machinery on the stairs will no longer be a problem. We talk about a electric trolley, which you can carry loads up and down the stairs without assistance and without additional tools.

Skipper is designed to support weights ranging from 250 to 350 kg, its structure is extendable and adjustable according to the requirements; it requires the same operating space of hand truck and his battery allows a prolonged use.

Skipper is a crawler stair climber that allows the transport in an oblique position: this feature is very important, especially for carrying very high loads.

Its special anti-overturning system allows optimum stability, and its special anti-crawler track enables the transport on any type of flooring, without the risk of ruining a parquet or marble floor. In addition, thanks to the various points of support, will be the scale to carry the load. Skipper can climb also irregular stairs and it is able to choose the speed, adapting to the individual needs, thanks to an electronic software and to an electric piston able to change the inclination of the load.

Every detail of this stair climber is designed in the laboratory, by engineers with decades of experience: Skipper, in fact, is continually updated, based on the continuous and variable market needs and it will allow you to carry any load, optimizing time and mode; handling and functionality are the keywords of all our products, suitable for home use and for professional use.

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