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Upright position of the coffin?

Skipper Plasmoid allows the operator to change the inclination of the coffin by pressing a button. It can be transported even with the minimum inclination equal to the slope of the stairs.

Narrow landings?

Skipper Plasmoid even allows you to turn in very tight spaces, and is easier than expected. The crawler tracks are independent and turn 360°. The rotation space necessary to turn on the landing is only 109 cm, but you can turn in much tighter spaces by using the “Base for narrow landings” accessory! Contact us and ask us how.

Ever heavier coffins?

You’ll no longer require any effort. Skipper Plasmoid is designed so as to completely discharge the weight on the ground during all transport stages. It will become essential if used the right way.

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Skipper Plasmoid

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Skipper Plasmoid

  1. Skipper Plasmoid 300 kg

  2. 4-wheel closed base

  3. Aluminium ramp for loading/unloading from the truck

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The advantages

Skipper Plasmoid has been designed to handle high loads such as coffins on all types of floors, from those most delicate inside to those outside.

Manoeuvring in narrow spaces

The independent tracks with double electric motor guarantee maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces

One-finger control

Easy to use and intuitive. The joystick is proportional and allows you to adjust the speed to the millimetre.

Irregular steps

Zonzini crawler tracks can climb steps with different heights one from another.

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Suggested accessories for your field

Aluminium ramp

It is required to load and unload the goods from the van by using Domino Plasmoid and Domino Plasmoid Stabilized. The dimensions are 67 cm x 8 cm x 200 cm and it has a capacity of 600 Kg.

Four wheeled loading base

Closed base with swivel wheels, suitable for multiple transport of doors and windows.

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