We’ve been manufacturing safe and reliable stair climbing trolleys for over 45 years.


Before the electric stair climbing trolleys manufactured by Zonzini are placed on the market, they undergo strict technical tests but above all are used for at least6 months by professional experts in the field. This allows us to put products on the market that have actually passed the practical test of those who then will actually use them.


Every day, a skilled team of professionals asks whether it is possible to improve any aspect of Zonzini products to make them safer.
Our goal is to build the safest electric stair climbing trolleys in the world.


Whoever buys a Zonzini stair climbing trolley is certain to possess the most technologically advanced product on the market.
Zonzini electric stair climbers are trustworthy workmates made to belong-lasting.


The innovation is the key of our success

The Lab is an area where we experiment things, sometimes unlikely, but in certain cases amazing.

We bring quality and innovation to over 40 countries worldwide

We are an Italian company, proud to bring the Made in Italy into the world.

You can conveniently buy our electric stair climbers for in all continents from your home thanks to our official e-commerce shop.

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