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How do I find the right stair climbing dolly for my needs?

Various types of stair climbing dollies are available on the market under a variety of names: stair sack trucks, stair climbing hand trucks and stair climbing appliances. But the key differences between them are whether they are manually operated or motorized, their loading capacity and their suitability to:

  • the goods to move up and downstairs
  • the type of stairs

Which goods are transported?

When moving loads with a high dead weight, technical assistance is absolutely essential. The conventional sack truck can be quickly retrieved from its corner and goods can be transported from A to B. But what if it takes more than that, if the load is unwieldy and bulky, if demanding floors have to be tackled, or even steps have to be climbed? Weights of several hundred kilograms can also no longer be handled on stairs by just one person with a conventional sack truck.

Transporting large and bulky items – such as electrical appliances (e.g. vending machines, photocopiers), movers, safes, ovens and furniture – on stairs as well as delicate and fragile items, such as glass panes, on stairs is not an easy task.

How are the stairs?

Each type of load movement has different requirements in order to be able to transport specific goods as needed. Staircases and steps have various degrees of difficulty that need to be overcome. Narrow, steep or curved stairways, as well as smooth, delicate or uneven steps can lead to huge problems during transport on stairs. To this end, issues such as manoeuvrability, safety, bearing load and flexibility, as well as the necessary floor protection, should be addressed.

Types of stairs

Such questions can be easily answered to help you choose the modern stair climber you need.

But how do I find the right one for my needs? What are the main quality features of a stair climber?


Zonzini’s electric stair climbing dollies don’t leave any questions unanswered. With Buddy, Skipper or Domino and their specialised models, all needs can be met when it comes to transport on stairs. Uneven stairs and steps of different heights can be overcome, as well as narrow and curved stairways.

Zonzini’s stairclimbers hand trucks can travel on any surface in an absolutely floor-friendly manner. Thanks to their excellent manoeuvrability, they can be skilfully rotated even on the smallest landings, even up to a radius of 360 degrees depending on the model. The horizontal or vertical positioning of the load is no longer a problem.

Loading and unloading, transporting on walkways and coping with stairs in the smallest of spaces: this can all be done by just one person.

Minimising the workload and working in an energy-saving manner in all sectors. Zonzini, experienced in effortless transport, has developed a highly sophisticated technical system suitable for any occasion. Whether for shipping, glazing, logistics, assembly, installation or undertakers, its motorized dollies for stairs are the perfect solution for any transportation of goods on the stairs.

1. Manoeuvrability and safety

Safety is the top priority when transporting goods, commodities and other loads on stairs. To make matters worse, it is necessary to ensure triple safety. Safety for the operator, for stairs, for the floor to be crossed and for the goods themselves. When a high degree of safety is ensured for all areas, manoeuvrability is often affected. Safety and manoeuvrability do not always go hand in hand.

The manoeuvrability of a stair climber must be adapted so that turning the cart during stair transport is safe even on the narrowest of landings. However, when turning in narrow spaces, the transported goods should not slip and the load should not tilt, as this will cause it to tip over. The movement system must also be balanced to prevent damage to the operator and the floor.

Therefore, all Zonzini’s stair climbers have different safety mechanisms, which are adapted to the loads, and can be easily steered and driven in the most confined spaces and under the most adverse conditions. The transported goods, the floor and the operator are protected and the freight is easily transported to the desired destination.

With the Domino and Skipper stair climbers, the positions can be shifted as required so that the weight is balanced at all times and overturning is prevented.

The Buddy and Buddy Lift models make it easier for the operator to keep the load balanced on the stairs thanks to their automatic step positioning. They have a firm grip on every single step up to a height of 26 centimetres, both when going up and down the stairs.

Balance is ensured at all times by different mechanisms, depending on the model. Retractable stabilisers, anti-tilt mechanisms, height-adjustable bearing surfaces or automated tilt positions offer balanced and safe transportation. Moreover, the soft touch technology, which automatically detects each step and allows the sensor feet to grip 5 cm from the edge of the step, is a technically perfect solution to minimise risks for wheel-driven stair climbers.


Additional non-slip safety is ensured by the reliable track tyres, such as those used for the Skipper and Domino stair climbers (tracked stair climbers). During track operation, the weight is carried and balanced exclusively by the device itself, which means that no additional measures are required. In this way, goods can easily and effortlessly be transported on stairs by just one person. The two tracks of the Domino stair climber, which are independent from one another, are driven by two electric motors, thus ensuring maximum freedom of movement. This means that turning on narrow landings of up to 360 degrees is also possible. The Domino Automatic stair climber offers maximum safety for the object to be transported.

The Skipper model, however, is capable of moving loads on level ground and on slopes without causing damage. The load must be positioned vertically only on landings which, due to their limited space, do not allow the transported goods to be manoeuvred horizontally.


Engine power is adjusted according to the mode of operation of the model and tailored to the bearing load in question. All batteries have no memory effect. There is no loss of liquid and can therefore be optimally charged repeatedly, even when fully discharged. The charger included in the scope of supply is automated and automatically comes off when the battery charge is read. In this way, there is no risk of overcharging.

A LED display in the control unit also provides information on the current battery level. To ensure long and efficient battery life, the manufacturer Zonzini generally recommends the following: Batteries should never be fully discharged and should always be stored fully charged.


Wheel-driven stair climbing dollies have a step height of up to 26 cm. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between a pneumatic wheeled-driven version or a floor-protecting, non-slip tracked version.

For stair-climbing with wheels, such as Buddy and Buddy Lift, the carrier must personally check the balance of the load. Therefore, these models are designed for a maximum load of 160 kilograms. Stabilisers that can be extended forwards make stability on smooth floors easier. In order to achieve maximum stability when going up and down the stairs, the accurately developed soft touch technology was integrated.

Transport on stairs is possible thanks to the additional feet with automatic positioning, which are firmly gripped on each individual step. It scans the stairs and firmly attaches to each individual step with a safety distance of 5 cm.

The Skipper and Domino tracked models have no limitation when it comes to step height. The fact that they can be flexibly positioned allows them to safely slide over all stairways. Different and uneven steps are no problem for Zonzini’s stair climbers. They can be easily and flexibly manoeuvred on all kinds of subfloors, including marble, parquet, gravel and meadow paths. Size, weight or dimensions are also irrelevant.

Modern tracked stair climbers, such as Domino, have a 360 degree rotating conveyor belt, which are independent of each other thanks to the double electric motor. Unlike other electric tracked models, in this case the weight is fully transferred to the appliance itself, which ensures greater stability even on very narrow landings and does not require the operator’s intervention. In this way, the carrier does not notice the weight of the load during transport.

Wheeled stair-climbing sack barrows are lighter than tracked stair climbers, however the operator must make an effort during transport on stairs. The operator must also make sure the load is balanced. This is particularly dangerous for the operator as well as for the integrity of the goods when transporting heavy goods.

Stair climbers with tracks are more stable and sturdier than stair climbers with wheels. They are ideally suited for transporting heavy and bulky loads on stairs. They are ideally suited for transporting heavy and bulky duty on stairs. Heavy-duty stair climbing dollies with tracks are not all the same. Thanks to their electric drive and integrated precision technology, modern electric stariclimbing dollies are very easy to operate, even by just one person.

2. Load capacity and flexibility

Load capacity and flexibility vary according to the model and are fully tailored to the user’s needs and requirements. Load capacity mainly concerns the weight of the goods. Flexibility, instead, basically refers to the ability to transport different types of goods on stairs.

These two characteristics play a key role, since weight alone is not sufficient when it comes to choosing the right stair climber.

Naturally, there are goods that can be easily transported vertically on stairs. Examples of upright transport are photocopiers, refrigerators, washing machines or large vending machines. In other cases, however, it is advisable to transport loads horizontally, as in the case of window frames or doors. It may also be preferable to transport motors and similar components horizontally to avoid the risk of lubricants and other contents leaking during transport.

Different requirements call for different transport options. Weight alone is not enough to determine the type of stair climber required. Dimensions, technical issues or special circumstances must also be taken into consideration. Depending on the specific characteristics of the transported goods, the individual aspects must be taken into account in order to achieve the highest possible degree of load capacity and flexibility.

3. It can be used as a sack truck (stair-climbing sack barrow)

Movable use as a sack truck and, at the same time, as a stair climber is a sign of absolute mobility. All even transport routes and stairways can be handled with just a single device, without having to reload the transported goods along the way. The Buddy, Skipper and Domino models offer different variants to master the entire transport route easily and safely.

Effortlessly overcome pavement sides, connecting roads, impassable terrain as well as stairs and loading ramps. Created for all individualities. With the specially adapted bearing surfaces, bulky goods, pallets of stored goods and unmanageable load shapes can be moved safely. Obstacles such as loading and unloading do not pose any problems and can be tackled by just one person with little effort.

For the tracked Skipper and Domino stair climbers, an aluminium loading ramp is available to help you put it into the vehicle. The flexible track drive enables the load to easily overcome the height difference from the road into the vehicle using the loading ramp. The special features of each model, plus its accessories, ensure safe and easy individual transport from the current location to its destination. A single transport device for the entire journey from the place of origin to the destination.

Lifting heavy loads up to a height of 80 cm is no longer a problem with the electronic bearing surface of the Buddy Lift sack truck stair climber.

All Zonzini models can be used on ground level and as sack trucks. This means that the transported goods do not have to be physically reloaded by the operator and can be easily transported over the entire route by just one person. Weight, size and the required position of the loads play a key role when choosing. Effortless loading and unloading, all connecting roads and all stair designs are mastered by Zonzini’s electric stair-climbing sack barrows with their versatile options.

4. Floor protection

Floor protection means: Safety for floors and stairs! With a Zonzini stair climber, customers will no longer have to worry about battered floors or bumped corners. All models are equipped with soil-protecting tracks and wheels, as well as protective gripping mechanisms and leave no damage, traces or stains.

Slippery marble and stone surfaces are not the only surfaces on which transport is possible without damage, but also delicate subsurfaces such as parquet or glass floors. Skid resistance and protection of delicate floors during all kinds of transport, thanks to unique mechanical design.

A firm grip on the inside of each step protects the edges of steps made of delicate materials, as in the case of wooden stairs. The unique design of the wheel and track systems ensures smooth movement on all surfaces without damaging the stair climbing device.

How do I choose the right stair climbing dolly?

Zonzini stair climbers can be used both to conquer stairs and as sack trucks on various types of indoor and outdoor floors. Safety, proper protection and technical excellence for easy transport and handling.

The various models were adapted to the most diverse requirements. Therefore, making the right choice is mostly a matter of which transport goods need to be moved. What do you need to transport on stairs? On the other hand, we need to take into account the type of stairs.

Weight, dimensions, transport position and lifting are the key factors to be taken into consideration.

Fitters who often have to deal with narrow and winding stairwells should opt for a version that offers the best possible manoeuvrability, such as the Buddy electric sack truck stair climber, the foldable space saver.

In this case, the Buddy Lift stair-climbing sack barrow also offers great advantages. It lifts goods such as refrigerators or washing machines out of and into the van using the automatic lifting device, controlled by just one person.

Heavy goods can be transported safely and easily with the Domino or Domino Automatic, which can turn around 360 degrees in the most confined spaces and automatically adjusts the tilt position.

Domino e Domino Automatic

Carrello saliscale innovativo con inclinazione automatica del carico

With Skipper’s successor, a stair climber has been created that can easily and safely move anything that needs to be transported up to a weight limit of 400 kilograms. The Domino Automatic is a stair climbing robot. It can move on floor-protecting tracks and is available for three different weight classes. Just like Skipper, it has no restrictions in terms of step height.

The electronic tracks operate completely independently of each other. The Domino Automatic also automatically adjusts the tilt of the goods as desired. Manual use or automatic operation can be switched on or off, leaving this decision entirely up to the operator.

The Domino stair climber stands out for its extreme simplicity and ease of use. With a joystick, the weight can be shifted in all four directions at the touch of a finger.



Treppensteiger Treppenkarre Buddy von Zonzini
Practical stair climbing dolly with foldable frame

The electric powered Buddy is a sack truck and stair climbing dolly combined all in one. For light to medium loads, Buddy combines the advantages of road and stair transport. With its completely retractable frame and floor-protecting wheels, Buddy is as practical and handy as a sack truck. At the same time, it is professional just like a stair climber.

By automatically recognising the steps at heights of up to 26 centimetres, it can be placed gently and safely on stairs during transport. The additional weight sensor ensures automatic control during the descent.


Buddy Lift

The perfect stair sack truck

The Buddy Lift electric stair climbing dolly offers not only safe handling on stairs but also easy and energy-saving loading and unloading. With its electric powered bearing surface, which can be lifted electronically up to 80 cm, it is the perfect solution for delivering bulky goods such as furniture, safes, boilers, washing machines or refrigerators.

It is designed for loads of up to 160 kilograms and, with its 99 cm retractable frame, it is a space-saving champion. This wheel-driven stair-climbing sack barrow easily and delicately conquers stairs and kerbsides thanks to its soft touch technology, which automatically detects each step and ensures a safe grip. Practical, handy and easily fits into any van.

The Buddy Lift electric stair climber also has a practical foldable frame.



The ideal solution for transporting doors and windows on stairs

The Skipper powered stair climber hand truck is an electric tracked model. Due to the additional lowered wheels, the load can be shifted sideways. It can be moved both forwards and backwards thanks to the unidirectional tracks. Skipper is approved for three different weight classes and can handle loads of up to 250, 300 or 350 kilograms. The biggest advantage is that the goods can be transported horizontally on stairs and do not have to be placed on level ground.

Thanks to its horizontal positioning, the Skipper stairclimber sack truck  is certainly the best choice, especially for undertakers, and for transporting window frames and doors.

With Skipper, even bulky goods can be transported horizontally on stairs.



Zonzini has designed the perfect stair climber solution for each specific challenge. We have created the following overview to help you choose the most suitable Zonzini stairclimbing dolly for you.


Zonzini’s stairclimbing dollies and robots and are distributed in Germany through a select network of specialist dealers. These authorised dealers, which can be found at, are approved by Zonzini for sales, customer service and repairs.


For all models, Zonzini offers a 12-month warranty on mechanical parts and a 6 months warranty on the battery. Certified dealers are authorised to provide warranty services on behalf of Zonzini.

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