Medium weight (120 kg to max 160 kg)Heavy weight (160 kg to 400 kg)Recommended stair climberReason
Small furniture, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, electrical appliancesBuddy, Buddy LiftThe most important thing is transport speed
Photocopiers, small vending machinesHeavy furniture, photocopiers, vending machines, ovens, boilers, hoisting winches, safesDomino, Domino AutomaticThe most important thing is safety during transport: for the user and for the goods. Domino, for example, comes with special accessories for photocopiers.
CoffinsCoffinsSkipperIt is advisable to transport coffins horizontally
Doors and windowsDoors and windowsSkipperSkipper comes with a special accessory for transporting doors and windows
Glass panes, kitchen worktopsDominoSpecial accessories