Moving furniture upstairs with Domino Automatic




Moving furniture upstairs is no problem at all with the stair climbing robot Domino Automatic.

Our customer in London needed to move an armchair up a long staircase and chose our electric stair climbing robot Domino Automatic. With Domino a single person was able to move the armchair up several flights of stairs effortlessly. As the photo on the left shows, the armchair is tilted as it moves up the stairs and stays parallel with the steps.
The operator did not need any physical effort at all, either to move up the stairs, as Domino Automatic is motorized hand truck, or to keep the load balanced, just pressing the “Automatic” button to ensure the truck automatically tilted the armchair as it climbed the stairs. Manoeuvring the load on the landing was also very simple, as the stair climbing robot Domino has a dual motor mechanism, which makes the tracks fully independent of each other.

Our customer was therefore able to effect 360° turns on the landing of the stairs on which he was moving the armchair.

Why choose a Domino Automatic electric stair climber hand truck to move your furniture up and down stairs?

Domino Automatic is the ideal solution for moving furniture on stairs, for example when moving house. This is because:

  • It is a stair climber hand truck with crawler tracks and therefore offers greater stability when moving furniture up and down stairs compared with wheeled hand trucks
  • It comes in three versions, with a load capacity respectively of 160 Kg, 300 Kg and 400 Kg. Very heavy furniture can be moved safely and effortlessy. The load is automatically tilted as it is moved up and down stairs, without the need for the operator to keep it balanced.
  • It is motorized and fitted with two electric motors, so the tracks can operate independently. This means furniture can be manoeuvred in narrow spaces, such as stair landings or spiral staircases. It can rotate a full 360°

The features of the Domino Automatic stair climbing robot considerably reduce the risk of damaging furniture by colliding with obstacles while moving it up and down stairs. When moving house you can move your furniture directly from the van using the special loading ramp.

The stair climber robot Domino is fitted with a special ramp that enable the furniture to be loaded directly from the van. This accessory is extremely useful when moving home. The adjustable base for extending the truck base to a maximum of 80 cm is equally useful for moving heavy and bulky furniture such as wardrobes, and large domestic appliances such as refrigerators.

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