Domino Automatic

domino stair climber dolly
Innovation and Automatism with Domino

Domino is the perfect stair climber dolly studied and designed for any different kind of stairs. It is safe, stable and easy to use everywhere. As a matter of fact, it can also be used outdoors on many kind of surfaces.Why is it called automatic?Thanks...

Domino Automatic exhibited at the “Coffee Festival of Cologne”

This year, on the occasion of Eu'Vend Coffeena, which will take place from April 27 to 29 in Cologne, we will present our new stairclimbing “Domino Automatic”.The Eu'Vend-Coffeena is one of the most important coffee trade fairs in Europe, i.e. a market for producers and...


Domino, the safe and easy stair-climbing trolley, is now AUTOMATIC. It tilts the load autonomously on the stairs, while maintaining the balance....

New: DOMINO FOR PEOPLE - Stair climbing trolley for peopleFIND OUT MORE