Safety at hand with the stair climbing robot Domino Automatic

Find out more about the exclusive features and the unique safety of the DOMINO Automatic stair-climbing robot.

What is special about Domino Automatic?

DOMINO Automatic is the technologically advanced solution offered by Zonzini to transport any type of goods, even very heavy ones, up and down stairs effortlessly and with a single operator. Indeed, thanks to the exclusive “Automatic” feature, the operator uses the automated load inclination management: just a few minutes are all you need to move loads on any type of stairs. Carrying bulky or heavy goods no longer requires strong arms or a great sense of balance, just innovative technology that can finally simplify and speed up your work: the stair climbing robot DOMINO Automatic is all you need.

Find out how simple it is to go up and down any type of stairs easily and effortlessly. Its special stain and scratch-proof crawler tracks make DOMINO Automatic the best ally to travel on any type of floor and to make it easier to move loads even on irregular stairs or in narrow landings.

With Domino, loads can also be moved on flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

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