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Man carrying washing machine upstairs with the Buddy Lift stairclimber hand truck by Zonzini

Zonzini designs and creates stair climbing trolleys that are able to meet the most varied needs. Each product is designed to reduce the operator’s effort and to transport goods in a simple and safe way.

Transporting light loads has never been so easy with Buddy and Buddy Lift.
Buddy represents the ideal stair climber dolly for fast and light transports. Its entirely folding structure allows to reduce the encumbrance, favouring its daily use. The support feet are equipped with the “soft touch” technology that are able to recognize the steps of the stair in order to reduce the speed and to ensure a softer support. It can also overcome steps 26 cm high and it is equipped with a weight sensor that makes automatic the descent maneuver.

Buddy Lift also proves practical and manageable thanks to the folding structure. It has all of Buddy’s features, but it can also lift the load up to 80 cm in order to facilitate the passage on landings. The load’s centre of gravity can be changed at any time. The electric climbing dolly offers the possibility of eliminating any effort and engaging a single operator during the activity of loading and unloading the goods from the van.

The first model is represented by Skipper, which has become a classic in the world of transport on stair. It is particularly suitable for transporting high loads and it can cover stairs of different type and surface, thanks to its non-marking crawler tracks. Furthermore, the weight of the goods is always on the staircase and it is not necessary to keep it in balance. It is suitable for particularly long transports, such as doors and windows, and also for transports in which the load must be necessarily transported horizontally, as in the funeral sector.

The evolution of Skipper is the stairclimbing trolley Domino. Domino is the most innovative stair climbing trolley proposed by Zonzini and it is equipped with the Automatic mode. Thanks to this innovative system, the load balances by itself without any effort for the operator.
Furthermore Domino is equipped with independent crawler tracks with 360° rotation that offer maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces. Domino can also go along irregular stairs.
It is extremely performative and there is also the possibility of being upgraded and equipped with numerous accessories.

Zonzini is not only stair climbing trolleys for loads.
Domino People is a track stair climbing trolley for elderly and disable people. It is practical for the operator and safe for the person who is transported. It allows to carry manual or electronic wheelchairs. Domino people can be controlled with a simple proportional joystick and it can also move on flat surfaces through three puncture-resistant wheels.

Development and innovation are the keywords for Zonzini: a company that offers performing and reliable products for over 40 years.

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