Domino and its accessories: the innovation in the world of heavy duty dolly

domino automatic heavy duty dolly accessories

Innovation is the keyword with Domino Automatic. Safety, practicality and comfort are always guaranteed, both to the goods and to the operator.

Domino is the heavy duty dolly offering the best advantages and it presents a lot of accessories. They are suitable for every occasion and for every different type of transport.

Domino heavy duty dolly accessories

Adjustable base for photocopiers

It can be integrated with the standard base of Domino in order to allow the operator to easily load and transport photocopiers. It also happens thanks to its retractable sliders which are slid under the base after their job, taking up little space. The base can be adjusted and it can reach 70 cm.

Adjustable base for bulky loads

Added to the standard base of the heavy duty dolly, it offers a greater support base for the loads. It can reach 80 cm.

Wheeled base

With this accessory it is possible to transport the load manually on four wheels. Once near the stairs, the wheeled base gives the possibility to start the climb without any loss of time.

Lifting columns

They are extremely useful in order to load goods up to 400 kg on the base, raising them up to 18 cm. The operation is carried out electrically, with an independent control. They can be stored in a special section of the dolly and they are always ready to be used.

Aluminium ramp

It allows the operator to load and unload different loads directly from the van with Domino. The ramp can be customized according to the customer needs.

Central arm for vans

It can be hooked up to Domino and it allows the goods to be transported on the van in an inclined position. It is useful with long loads and not too high vans.

Base for narrow landings

It allows the operator to move with the goods in very narrow spaces, flying over the first step of the next flight of stair

Tilted base for photocopiers

It offers the possibility to load and unload the photocopiers from the van. Domino rises on this accessory, which can adjust the height of its feet and move on rotating wheels.

Counterframe for slabs and tops

It allows the operator to load windows, slabs, kitchen top and doors without any effort.

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