Zonzini: the company where dollies and hand trucks grow thanks to the meeting with the costumer

dollies and hand truck zonzini

For over 40 years, Zonzini company has been working and growing in order to design and produce dollies and hand trucks that can meet every type of need.

The most important keywords are reliability and technology. There is also the importance given to the ability of listening every request from the customers.

Growing up is fundamental and this is the reason why development and innovation drive every activity and every project.

Every stair climbing trolley is different. Their activities and their accessories change. There are also changes that are made on the base of customers needs.

One of the newest and more requested models is definitely Domino Automatic. It is innovative, safe and stable. It allows to climb and descend with ease and tranquility every type of stairs. The accessories in addition are numerous and they differ according to the needs of use. Safety and security are guaranteed during each type of operation.

An electric stair climbing trolley, like Domino Automatic, gives to the operator the ability to drive operations using a joystick. He can also switch to manual mode at any time.

Buddy Lift is the ideal solution for light loads. The model is practical and manageable and it allows the lifting of the load up to 80 cm. The base can be customized in order to please the buyer’s requests. In cases like this, the assistance of our technical department is available for the study and realization of customized accessories.

The convenience of use must always be in first place. It is precisely for this reason that the greatest value corresponds to that of knowing how to listen and understand all the different needs.

Operating on an international level, Zonzini company has opened its market in more than 30 countries.

It offers quality products and meeting points for development and innovation.


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