Why choose Domino Automatic?

domino automatic zonzini

In the following video, we will talk about the features that make Domino Automatic by Zonzini an innovative electric stair climbing trolley, focusing, in particular, on the concept of safety.

The transport on stairs of products such as photocopiers, vending machines, winches, motors, stoves, fireplaces, boilers or other heavy objects is a complex operation that requires care and concentration: the situation can be even more complex due to particularly bulky loads, different types of stairs, without neglecting the possibility of an accidental driver’s distraction.

That’s why we are constantly looking for maximum safety and risk reduction for the end user in our electric stair climbing systems. We talk about safety in relation to a company that has to provide to its own employees the appropriate tools for the kind of work to be performed: Domino Automatic represents for us today the maximum reliability and safety.

From the video it is possible to see that Domino Automatic always rests on at least two or three steps, meaning that the load is equally distributed evenly over multiple points of contact for the entire climb or descent, unlike systems in which entire weight rests on only two points of contact on a single step, thus the risk of damage is minimal; but most importantly, the driver doesn’t have to balance the load at every step, significantly reducing the risk of losing balance.

Domino Automatic moves on special non-staining and non-scratching tracks, suitable for delicate indoor surfaces, like marble, wood and parquet, but also outdoors, on asphalt or uneven surfaces.

When reaching the landing after climbing stairs, the driver simply pulls back gently on the handle bar and Domino Automatic closes its tracks, so they rest on the landing: this makes it possible to reach even very small landing safely, because both operator and load are always in an upright position and the space required is therefore minimal. When descending from a landing on the other hand, the operator just pushes gently forwards off handlebar and Domino Automatic opens its tracks: the operator can even take both hands off the handlebar at any time, except on the last step.

Domino Automatic can also be used safely on steps with varying heights and with different shapes.

Zero effort, less risk: simple, compact, reliable, Domino Automatic safely making the right choice.

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