Handy dolly: functionality and speed with Buddy

buddy motorized stair climbing dolly

Speed ​​and practicality are the perfect words to talk about the transport of medium/light loads. How to combine these two terms? Buddy represents the perfect solution.

Compared to other stair climbers, Buddy has a completely folding structure and so it is comfortable and very practical. The enclosure spaces are minimized in order to facilitate any movement and to make it easy to move.

Studied and designed for an everyday use, it represents the perfect synthesis of a manual dolly and a handy all-rounder. Technology and simplicity meet each other, enabling anyone to take advantage of this great motorized stair climbing dolly.

Among the best features of Buddy, there is definitely the soft-touch technology. Supporting feet are able to recognize the steps and to moderate the speed in order to make the passage from step to step more gentle and delicate. In addition, it can overcome stairs up to 26 cm high.

The descent is made automatically thanks to the weight sensor. The positioning of the feet is automatic too, either uphill or downhill. It tries to avoid damages or slips.

Buddy is always equipped with a strap to connect it to the cargo, a standard battery pack, a 220/24V automatic battery charger and a standard 35×22 cm base. However, the base is customizable, depending on the customer’s needs. It is also possible to add accessories, such as the bowls accessory; this gives you the ability to carry up to five bowls on the carriage at one time, making the whole operation much more practical and quick.

Buddy can be recharged at any times thanks to the car charger that can be added as an accessory. The original battery box can also be augmented with an extra box, in order to get virtually unlimited autonomy.

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