Work in progress for the new Zonzini LAB

News in the air at Zonzini srl.

With the purpose of continuously growing and innovating research and development, Zonzini srl has decided to invest in new spaces and equipment.

The new area is being set-up that will be equipped with better technologies to meet the constantly evolving transport needs.

400 sq.m will be added to the existing establishment and will be dedicated to prototyping, development and testing of new solutions for the transport of goods and any type of load and on any surface.

Our competent and close-knit team will soon have an area equipped with the latest generation systems to apply and realise the studies that Zonzini srl constantly runs on its products.

With the new Zonzini LAB, the company takes on a new challenge by working towards experimentation and application in the field of innovation, and by making the most of the continuous results of its lab work.

With the purpose of making transport safer and easier, the company will soon be ready to show you the new Zonzini LAB.

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