Skipper, the classic climber machine

climber machine skipper

Skipper is considered the perfect climber machine for anyone who needs to transport very high loads, up and down stairs: in fact, Skipper is ideal when the load must necessarily be transported horizontally.

Why should we choose Skipper? The answer is easy and automatic.

Skipper is fast and really evolved. It always helps the operator in order to save a lot of time and effort.

Your stairs will be safe, because this stair climber has special rubber toothed belts; they are suitable for any type of stairs and they do not damage the flooring.

In addition, every irregular step can be exceeded. So, the operator is no longer restricted by their height.

What makes Skipper even more comfortable is that the operator doesn’t have to carry the weight: the climber machine has multiple points of support, so it is the stair that carries all the weight.

It is also very advanced. An electronic software allows Skipper to adjust the speed, in order to be safe. And it has an electric piston that can modify its inclination.

One of its great features is that the standard base can be easily customised; it only depends on the customer’s needs. In addition, if you need to load and unload the goods from the van, you can add the aluminium ramp. The standard ramp is 67cm x 8cm x 200 cm, but it can be customised too.

Another important accessory is the accessory for doors and windows. It makes you move doors and window in a very practical way with Skipper. The weight is always centred on the stair climber and it can pass with these goods even on narrow stairs.

Then, you can also add the wheeled base. It helps the operator to start directly going up the stairs, without wasting any time and without effort.

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