Buddy Lift: the practical hand truck wheels

Buddy Lift stairclimber hand truck climbing a narrow wooden staircase

Buddy Lift is the perfect stair climber if you need to move light loads. It is very practical and it has a manageable design.

This hand truck wheels can be easily bent. This is useful because all the trolley can be reduced to just 99 cm. This is one of the reasons why it is so easy to use everywhere.

It also allows electrical lifting of the load up to 80 cm. Most traditional stair climbers are not so performing because they have a fixed base on the ground.

Buddy Lift can be considered the ideal choice also because it improves the load balancing on the stair and it allows to run on very narrow landings.

The operator doesn’t need to work so hard. Everything is easy to handle. The loads can be simply downloaded and loaded from the van with no particular effort.

Its support feet present a “soft touch” technology. It means that the feet can be able to recognize the surface of every step of the stairs. So, the speed can be decreased every time it goes from one step to the next. It makes all the procedure safe.

There is also a practical weight sensor that allows to go down the stairs in an automatic way. The placement of the feet is automatic too (both up and down the stair).

This practical stair climber by Zonzini has a lot of interesting accessories.

In order to increase its work autonomy, an additional battery box can be added.

There is also the vehicle battery charger that can be so useful if you need to charge the battery when you’re travelling.

In addition, the base can be customized: it depends on the costumer’s particular needs.

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