Transport scheduled? Stay safe, now there is Domino Automatic!

DOMINO Automatic is the safe answer to all transport needs. Safe for the transported load, safe for personnel in charge of transport.

DOMINO Automatic only requires one operator and the innovative technology with which Zonzini Srl has equipped its advanced stair climber takes care of all the rest.

To transport bulky or heavy goods, without compromising their integrity and without damaging surfaces or floors, now there is DOMINO Automatic.

Maximum safety, structural and functional integrity of the handled object, saving time and requiring less staff: one product, endless benefits.

Thanks to the Automatic key, the operator can use the very practical automated load inclination function: just a few minutes and the handy joystick are all you need to move loads on any type of stairs or uphill.

DOMINO Automatic can be equipped with many optional extras to fulfil various transport needs. For example, if you need to handle bulky photocopying machines, Zonzini Srl has designed an adjustable base. It is a very useful and indispensable tool for carrying this type of machine, equipped with sliders for loading and unloading photocopying machines onto/from the DOMINO base. The sliders are “retractable”, therefore, once the operation is complete, they slide under the base of the trolley. This way they take up hardly any room. The closed base is 51 cm wide and can be adjusted up to 70 cm, according to the width of the photocopying machine to be transported.

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