Choose Domino Automatic. Choose the best technology on the market

DOMINO Automatic is the stair climbing trolley that allows any kind of goods to be carried safely and easily: with DOMINO, a single operator can carry all sorts of heavy loads on stairs.


DOMINO Automatic has an added bonus, since it was developed with a technology that is unique on the market, guaranteeing independent crawler tracks with double electric motor to ensure maximum manoeuvring comfort and an automatic system that adjusts the inclination of the load.
It is an exclusive product that offers many added bonuses.

A safe ally for the operator

This stair climbing trolley was designed directly by Zonzini srl after conducting accurate laboratory research and with the help of specialised engineers. This research led to the development of a system that is easy to use and, above all, safe: thanks to the convenient joystick, the operator can easily manage to carry any load, even particularly heavy ones.

Scratch-proof crawler tracks

Its special stain and scratch-proof crawler tracks are designed to adapt to any surface. DOMINO can go even on the most delicate floors without damaging them. The DOMINO stair climbing trolley has been tested at the factory on different surfaces.

Agile even in narrow spaces

Irregular steps are not an obstacle: in fact, the height of the steps is not a concern. DOMINO can be easily moved about on any kind of stairs, even when there are narrow landings.

Many optional features

In addition to being a ready-to-use trolley, DOMINO can also be integrated at any time with optional elements depending on its use.

There are many optional features you can choose from. The adjustable base plate for bulky loads, for example, allows the support base of the load to be increased, stretching it in width up to 80 cm, thus making DOMINO Automatic suitable for handling particularly bulky equipment.



From 23 to 25 May, in Verona, PULIRE will be held (

DOMINO Automatic will be one of the stars of the new edition of the international professional cleaning industry trade show.

An opportunity to discover DOMINO

From Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 May 2017, from 10am to 6pm, you will find us at the trade show (Pav. 6 Stand A4/1) held in the Veronafiere exhibition centre.

Come to meet the ZONZINI team and discover the excellent product DOMINO Automatic.

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