Why Choose Zonzini Powered Stair Climbers


Working with big loads power is never enough. Often the most awkward pieces are also the most delicate and easy to be broken. Think about a photocopier, or a vending machine. Those are big and heavy objects, which are also made of delicate mechanical and electronic parts. During the transport it is easy to damage them, although a good packaging and the greater attention.

That’s why you need the best stair climbers to have your job always well done. Zonzini is the Italian specialist for all who work in the world of logistics and transports. Their products have the best features for lifting and moving your loads with practicality and in total safety. The power is provided by the new Domino Automatic stair climber and the Znz Off Road electric forklift truck. You’ll be able to transport almost anything just using your hands and with no additional effort, saving your back and achieving a more professional look with your customers. This stair climber trolley can be moved even in narrow spaces, and is provided with a joystick that makes any movements and adjustments easy and intuitive. Domino Automatic is also able to adjust the position of the load automatically, relieving a lot the stress for anyone who is working with it, and keeping the load always well balanced. It can lift up to 400 kilos, moving on any kind of surface without damaging it, both indoors and outdoors. The same easy of use is granted for the Znz Off Road, the electric pallet truck that completely changes the way you usually handle any kind of Euro pallet and construction materials.

Both male and female operators, of any age, have the same chance to deal with big loads thanks to the Zonzini products, and the old concept of a “heavy work” is definitely outdated. Visit the website and contact Zonzini to discover more and more about this brand: Zonzini is also always available to provide you with any information and support you may need.

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