Buddy lift: the prince of stair climber

Buddy Lift stairclimber hand truck climbing a narrow wooden staircase

The title of prince of the stair climber goes to “Buddy lift”, suitable for transporting light loads (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.). This kind of stair climber has been designed to allow you to carry, by yourself and in complete comfort, medium-light loads, on ruined floors and up and down on the stairs. Let’s go to see what are its characteristics.

First of all, it has a practical and handy design thanks its ability to fold reducing the overall dimensions of the trolley to just 99 cm; it also allows to improve load balance on the stairs, turning in narrow landings and, just one operator, can load and unload goods directly from the truck.

Its support feet are “soft touch”: this new technology allow it to recognize steps and to slow down, to ensure a delicate support.

What are the advantages of Buddy lift?

  • Electrical lifting of the load: the turning space on the landing has never been so small. Lifting the load means going practically everywhere;
  • variable centre of gravity: when going up the stairs, you can change the centre of gravity of the load at any time for greater comfort;
  • autonomous loading and unloading: goods can be loaded and unloaded autonomously and effortlessly from the vehicle by a single operator;
  • Buddy lift is equipped with non-marking pneumatic wheels;
  • front and removable stabilizers, equipped with swivel wheels to make the device steadier on flat surfaces;
  • it can climb steps up to 26 cm high;
  • automatic positioning of the feet both up and down the stairs;
  • weight sensor for going down the stairs, making the manoeuvre automatic;

In conclusion, Buddy lift will change the way of carrying loads. No more hard work and never ruined floors: with Buddy your hardwood floor or your marble floor will be safe!

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