Zonzini: the Italian leader in the world of stairclimbers


A good stair climber can make the difference for anyone who trades in transporting and works lifting big loads. Zonzini is the Italian firm which is specialized in projecting and building high quality stairwalkers, stair climbing hand trucks and battery powered stairclimbers. The Zonzini family transformed their own name in an actual brand, associating it with the values of high quality and best performances, in a full coherence with what a Made in Italy product intends to be.

Who works in this kind of business knows well how important are the security and the practicality of the tools that are used, and Zonzini fully respect these needs. Every Zonzini product can be used by anyone with a great simplicity, and every detail is carefully designed so the work can be done safely, correctly, and in the shortest time possible. Lifting and transporting big and heavy loads is not a problem anymore, thanks to the technology that Zonzini has developed and applied to their products.

Domino is the battery powered stairclimber that can lift anything up to 400 Kg (about 850 pounds), no matter its shape and volume. It can go up and down any kind of stairs and can be moved on every kind of surface, without any damage and always keeping the best grip. Its handle can be adjusted to the height of the user and its frame can be disassembled to reduce its size, so Domino can be used even in the smallest spaces. It’s ideal for the transportation of vending machines, heaters, photocopiers, strongboxes, furniture.

The Zonzini firm takes care of its workers and its customers by respecting a solid ethic based on the safety on the workplace, the worker’s rights and the complete reliability of its products, giving assistance anytime it is necessary.

Visit the website www.zonzini.it and discover the other products and all the information you need!


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