Domino automatic: high safety during transport

DOMINO Automatic is a revolutionary stair climbing trolley that changes the way heavy loads are transported.

The innovative technology developed by Zonzini Srl to produce this outstanding working tool is one-of-a-kind and allows easy and safe load control.

DOMINO Automatic ensures stable movement of all kinds of heavy goods (stoves, boilers, photocopiers, vending machines, safes, lift winches, etc.) and on any type of surface (kite winder staircases, marble or wooden staircases, pavements, roads, grass, gravel, soil, pebbles, etc.).

Let’s find out at least 5 reasons to choose DOMINO Automatic.

  1. Only one operator required

A single operator can safely and effortlessly transport loads, since the operator no longer has to keep the load balanced: with DOMINO Automatic, the weight is always loaded evenly on the stairs. DOMINO Automatic is the only stair climbing trolley on the market that regulates load balancing autonomously to a preset position, which may be changed as desired by the operator.

  1. Perfect for all landings

The new Domino Automatic stair climbing trolley automatically closes the crawler tracks on the landing, making transport even easier and safer. Moreover, on the landing, the load turns on itself and, with the dedicated accessory, it offers the advantage of avoiding the first step of the next flight of stairs and to manoeuvre the load in even narrower spaces.

  1. Featuring patented rubber crawler tracks

Thanks to its special stain and scratch-proof crawler tracks, DOMINO Automatic is able to move on any type of flooring, making it easy to move loads on non-standard stairs or in areas with limited manoeuvring space.

  1. Simple and intuitive

By pressing the Automatic button, the operator benefits from the automated management of load tilting. With this innovative feature, the load is managed automatically and kept perfectly balanced by DOMINO Automatic: thanks to the handy joystick, loads can be moved in just a few minutes on any type of stairs. Operations become simple and intuitive, and the operator can choose at any time whether and when to switch to manual mode.

  1. Option for bulky loads

The accessories available with your DOMINO Automatic include an adjustable base for bulky loads. It is a special base that allows the support base of the load to be increased. This optional accessory is stretchable in width up to 80 cm.

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