Heavy transport? Domino will take care of it!

Strong arms or unsuitable trolleys will not do the job of transporting large or heavy objects, you need an innovative technology that finally simplifies the task.

Now that autumn is around the corner, it is necessary to transport heavy objects such as pellet or wood stoves, without compromising their integrity and without running the risk of ruining surfaces or floors by having several operators drag stoves inappropriately.

You need efficient help that guarantees a job performed with maximum safety.

You need a system that protects the structural and functional integrity of the handled object.

You need a technology that guarantees the need of a single operator thereby saving time and staff occupied in the activity.

Basically you need DOMINO Automatic, the technologically advanced solution offered by Zonzini SrL to transport any type of heavy goods up and down stairs without any exertion and by a single operator. In fact, by pressing the Automatic key, the operator uses automated management of load inclination: just a few minutes and the convenient joystick are all you need to move loads on any type of stairs.

Discover how easy it is, with DOMINO Automatic, to easily go up and down any shape of stairs. Thanks to its special stain and scratch-proof crawler tracks, DOMINO can travel over any type of floor making it easy to move loads on non-standard stairs or in areas with limited manoeuvring space.

DOMINO Automatic can be equipped with numerous optionals to fulfil various needs. The base for narrow landings, for example, makes it possible to get over the first step of the next flight of stairs so that you can turn with the load in even tighter spaces, also accompanying it to hard-to-reach rooms, such as attics or rooms in historical buildings or structures with very tight stairwells.

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